Risk Allocation Committee

The APC/PennDOT Risk Allocation Committee is comprised of representatives from the industry, PennDOT, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, and FHWA. Its purpose is to assist in the equitable distribution of risk between the industry partners. The committee tackles such tough issues as utility relocation delays, Force Account, design/build, Wrap-up Insurance, and warranties/guarantees.


  • Al Hoffman, Road-Con

Staff Contact

Upcoming APC Committee Meetings

  • Mehmet Akinci, Skanska N.E. Civil
  • Murray Blaker, New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.
  • Ken Boyle, Bruce & Merilees
  • Joseph M. Catena, Trumbull Corporation
  • Geoffrey W. Clarke, Swank Construction Company, LLC
  • William J. Cummings, CAEP
  • Michael Flack, Volkert, Inc.
  • Ricke C. Foster, James J. Anderson Constr.
  • Craig A. Hoogstraten, James J. Anderson Constr.
  • Thomas Isenberg, PKF-Mark III, Inc.
  • Ryan King, Rylind Construction Company, Inc.
  • Robert E. Latham, APC
  • Leo Leonetti, Urban Engineers, Inc.
  • Lou Marraffino, Urban Engineers, Inc.
  • Joseph M. Martosella, Jr.,
    Driscoll Construction Co., Inc.
  • Joseph M. Martosella, III, Buckley & Company, Inc.
  • George E. Mezey, P.E., Trumbull Corp.
  • Jeremy B. Molenaar, Walsh Construction Company II, LLC
  • Michael A. Palo, Francis J. Palo, Inc.
  • Michael Perloski, J. D. Eckman
  • Frank Piedimonte, Brayman Construction Corporation
  • Mark Polizzi, Pennsy Supply, Inc.
  • Kenneth L. Sable, Esq., Post & Schell, P.C.
  • Mark W. Schug, Susquehanna Valley Construction
  • John Schultz, Allan Myers
  • Andrew Seravalli, Seravalli, Inc.
  • John Serratore, Heim Construction Co., Inc.
  • Fred Thompson, Kinsley Construction
  • Dennis Watkins, Joseph B. Fay, Co.
  • Kent Wible, McCrossin
  • Matthew Yacobenas, J. D. Eckman