Flagger Train-The-Trainer Program

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) Publication 213 requires that all flaggers, at minimum, shall have training as per the most current version of Publication 408, Section 901.3 Flagger Training. This requirement applies to anyone performing flagging duties on any public roadway in Pennsylvania. APC is offering this Flagging Train-the-Trainer course to help attendees comply with the requirements in Publication 213. It has been designed to satisfy the minimum training guidelines outlined in Publication 408. Trainees that successfully complete this session will receive a wallet-sized training verification card and one CD containing the PowerPoint, 20-question exam, and a template to create future trainee verification cards. The materials provided to attendees can then be used to train their own flaggers.


Questions regarding training can be directed to Cindy Sells at (717) 238-2513 ext. 103 or csells@paconstructors.org.

Mark M. Hood

Mark M. Hood

Flagger Train-the-Trainer Instructor

In addition to serving as the instructor for APC’s flagger trainer course from its inception on January 1, 2003, Mark serves as a project engineer with Pennoni Associates in State College. He spent several years prior to that as a traffic safety engineer for LTAP – The Pennsylvania Local Roads Program where he provided training and technical assistance to Pennsylvania’s 2,500 local governments to help define and solve their traffic engineering and highway safety problems. Mark has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Swarthmore College and a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova University.


Flagger-Train-the-Trainer CD

An updated version of the training CD that is provided to session attendees is now available. The new CD can be purchased for $54.52 by any individual that attended a flagger training session in the past.


During the checkout process, be sure to fill in the date you attended a training session (this information is available on your certification card). We must verify your attendance prior to shipping the CD.