Independence Excavating Inc. / PA Turnpike Commission / CDR Maguire / Mackin Engineering Company

This project, Section 55-A1, is the first of 7 phases which will ultimately connect SR 22 to SR 79. Located in Robinson Township, Washington County, 55-A1 is a 3.7-mile 4-lane highway extension of SR 576. The 55-A1 project includes work on 4 state roads. This involves the reconstruction/realignment of SR 4009 (Candor Road), SR 4011 (Quicksilver Road) and SR 980 (Robinson Highway) as well as the construction of the new relocated SR 4010 (Beech Hollow Road). Some technical characteristics of the project include 5.3 million cubic yards of excavation, 19 new detention ponds, 48,000 feet of storm sewer, 10,000 feet of temporary/permanent waterline relocation, 40,000 feet of conduit for highway lighting/telecommunications, 74,000 feet of underdrain, 29,000 feet of guide rail, and 300,000 square yards of new concrete and asphalt pavement. Additionally, the project includes the construction of 7 new bridges ranging from single span to triple span in size.