HARRISBURG (Jan. 4, 2012) – Associated Pennsylvania Constructors commended three leaders of the House Democratic caucus today for introducing a series of transportation funding measures.

Caucus Whip Mike Hanna (Clinton-Centre), Caucus Chairman Dan Frankel (Allegheny) and Policy Chairman Mike Sturla (Lancaster) said the legislation was similar to the package of bills offered last fall by Republican Senator and Appropriations Chairman Jake Corman (Centre). The measures are patterned after the recommendations by Gov. Tom Corbett’s Transportation Funding Advisory Commission.

“As Representative Hanna noted, we now have a bipartisan, bicameral initiative that reflects the recommendations of Governor Corbett’s own commission,” said APC Executive Vice President Robert Latham. “We have believed all along that this initiative would require and attract support from both parties and both houses, and now we clearly have it.”

Latham noted that the TFAC funding plan would create tens of thousands of jobs in Pennsylvania, mostly in industries other than highway construction, while providing the improved safety and congestion relief that Pennsylvanians want.

While some have concerns about the cost of a funding solution, Latham noted that the estimated additional costs to an average driver – 70 cents a week the first year, growing to $2.50 per week by the fifth year – would be less than what many drivers now pay in gas wasted by traffic congestion and the increased maintenance costs associated with driving on deteriorating roads and bridges.

“When you factor in the wasted fuel and higher maintenance costs, many motorists could actually save money, and they’d have safer highways and less traffic congestion on top of that,” Latham said. “It does not surprise us that a majority of Pennsylvania voters believe this is the most important issue facing the Commonwealth and that there is broad support for addressing the issue.”