Today, APC joined with the Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition (KTFC) voicing opposition to a recommendation by some members of the General Assembly seeking to divert revenue from the Multimodal Transportation Fund in order to balance the General Fund budget approved earlier this year.  The Multimodal Fund provides critical dollars for freight rail, passenger rail, ports/waterways, aviation, pedestrian, and bicycle facilities. The Multimodal Fund was created as part of Act 89 of 2013.  It is unclear at this point how much of the fund may be diverted. APC remains steadfast in its opposition to any such shifting of transportation dollars for other non-transportation means.

Additionally, it was reported that Governor Wolf has exercised his executive authority to borrow approximately $700 million of the Motor License Fund in order to make payments on some pending bills by Tuesday. This borrowing has occurred in the past and is often used by governors to address cash flow problems across state agencies. Any such borrowing is required to be repaid within 13 months.  APC staff is working to determine what—if any—impact this transfer will have on PennDOT’s highway program.  The Governor’s Office initially reported that the transfer, “ does not affect highway or bridge projects.” (Wolf spokesman J.J. Abbott said when interviewed by the Morning Call newspaper). Go here to view that article.

We will keep you updated on the latest developments as the state’s budget situation continues to unfold.