APC’s EEO-DBE Committee chaired by Clayton Stahl met this week with PennDOT and the Turnpike to discuss minority participation in the industry.

PennDOT will offer web-based training to inspectors on Commercially Useful Function issues and this training will be available to contactors so they can be up to speed on the requirements. Training to be offered on or about April 1. Watch the APC Update and for ECMS alerts for details.

PennDOT has rejected several jobs this year for failure to indicate subcontractor NAICS codes as required by US DOT. There is some confusion on appropriate codes, but the rejections have been only applied with the low bidder does not list any code, not for interpretation of proper codes.

There is some concern that on DSP-4 projects (100% state funded) contractor good faith efforts are lacking. APC agreed to explore this concern with PennDOT and the Turnpike Commission. The agencies acknowledged that, so far, in 2016 DBE and DB participation is at about 6% (up from 3% in 2015).