APC Members Urged to Send Future Leaders…
As we work with PennDOT to build a more collaborative culture, APC has set a strategy to find ways for your employees to have opportunities to meet and get to know Department and other industry folks on a more personal basis. ASHE events present an opportunity because many of these occur on a regular basis and do involve contractor participation. APC will reach out to each ASHE chapter to have a “joint” meeting, perhaps with a project presentation with contractor, designer and PennDOT all presenting on the project – or similar approach.

    • Harrisburg Section – October 1 – Registration Information
    • The Harrisburg ASHE meeting is Monday, October 1 at the Radisson in Camp Hill.   Registration is 5:30-6:15 followed by dinner and the presentation.  APC will take the lead in a presentation on our eConstruction-Partnering effort for the October meeting. Again, we will reach out to District 8-0 to encourage their attendance.