APC and PAPA are working together with PennDOT to make some adjustments to PennDOT’s Late Season Paving policy. PennDOT has presented a proposal as follows:


  • Eliminate District Special Provisions
  • Have two paving seasons defined, “In-season” paving from April 1 – October 15 and the “Extended-Season” from October 16 – March 31.
  • In-Season paving would follow the current norms
  • Extended-Season paving would essentially eliminate the current calendar date approach to paving and rather require an enhanced QC effort on the part of the contractor as well as some additional safeguards for the Department.
    • All temperature restrictions still apply.
    • WMA is required.
    • Spring evaluation continues to be required with specific characteristics.
    • For 2017, the process would be optional at the contractor’s request – I would encourage all Districts to support any request at no additional cost to the Department.
    • This is a first iteration, for 2018 the Clearance Transmittal process will begin to define more specific acceptance parameters.

Please send any comments or questions to Leonard Bellanca or Bob Latham.