The State House Transportation Committee, yesterday, passed Senate Bill 172, which finally advances legislation that would allow for the use of automated speed enforcement in work zones. The bill now goes to the full House for its consideration.

The committee, however, made some substantial changes to the original version of SB 172 but still authorizes automated speed enforcement in work zones on the PA Turnpike, Interstates and on certain state highways on the National Highway System. Additionally, the bill was amended to add an additional automated speed enforcement zone on Roosevelt Boulevard in the City of Philadelphia; lowered the fine for violation from $100 to $40; and changed the provisions directing where fine revenue shall be deposited.

APC has made the passage of this legislation a priority as it is critical to ensuring a greater level of protection to not only highway workers, but the motoring public as they move through construction zones. APC applauds the House Transportation Committee’s actions in moving this bill forward in the legislative process and we will continue to work with House and Senate leaders to get the bill to the Governor’s desk this year.

We ask that you contact your House Member and as them to support SB 172 and call for its passage ASAP. If you need help finding who your House Member is, you can go HERE.