In legislative action today, the State Senate passed Senate Bill 172 by a 45 to 3 vote, which would allow for the use of automated speed enforcement in work zones. The bill now goes to the House for its consideration, which is expected in the fall legislative session.

SB 172 authorizes automated speed enforcement in work zones and establishes a three-year pilot program on Interstate and limited access highway work zones. This legislation is critical to ensuring a greater level of protection to not only highway workers, but the motoring public as they move through construction zones.  Before passage in the Senate, the bill was amended to prescribe that 60% of the fine revenues are directed to the PA State Police and the remaining 40% to the PA Department of Transportation.

SB 172 was a legislative priority for APC going into this session. The vote today represents a strong enthusiasm toward automated speed enforcement becoming law.  We will continue to push to get this bill to the Governor’s desk this year.

APC will continue to work with House and Senate leaders to ensure automated speed enforcement legislation continues to advance and will update the membership of its progress.