Senate Bill 172, which would establish a five-year automated speed enforcement pilot program in active work zones, is in position finally pass the House when the General Assembly returns to session on September 12. But, in order to make this happen….WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are asking you to call your state House Member today in their district offices and ask them to do two things:

  1. Ask them to support SB 172 in its current form without amendments;
  2. Ask them to contact their House Leadership urging them to place SB 172 on the voting schedule for an immediate vote when they return in September.

With limited session days remaining this fall, it is imperative that SB 172 receive the final procedural votes in the House in order to get this bill to the Governor’s Desk. Please contact your state House Member today by calling them. If you need help finding your State Representative, you can go here.

Senate Bill 172 is modeled after a similar program that has been operating successfully and reliably in Maryland since 2010. And, when Maryland’s program began, 7 percent of motorists were driving through work zones at 12 miles per hour over the posted speed limit or faster. Today, that proportion has dropped to less than 1 percent. We fully expect to see similar results in Pennsylvania saving countless lives-not only highway workers but among the traveling public as well. For a talking points on Why Automated Speed Enforcement Makes Sense, GO HERE.

Again, we need EVERYBODY to CALL (not email) their House member and tell them to VOTE SB 172 IN ITS CURRENT FORM and that’s that. NO AMENDMENTS, NO DELAYS.