The upper management within PennDOT has requested that certs be placed into ECMS for better tracking, and they are trying to make that reality. As with any endeavor like this though, some things have to change, which is why they reached out to APC for some input from Industry. Please read the information posted on the APC website regarding the Certification Automation.

Give us your feedback whether or not you see any issues with how they plan to implement the Certification process in ECMS. Please get all comments (positive or negative) back to APC’s Aaron Hoover by Wednesday, October 17, so we can get responses back to PennDOT by Friday, October 19th.

Details below by PennDOT

The flow of information will be basically remain unchanged. The manufacturer will still start the cert, then potentially go to a supply house, then onto the contractor / project. The method for which it gets into ECMS is the crux of the change, and there are 2 paths.

  1. For local acceptance certs and transfer of material from another project or from the yard, Contractors / subs will be able to directly input their transfer certs into ECMS. I know this conjures images of the Source of Supply functionality, but it’s a lot more simple than that. It probably takes less time than actually filling out a 4171 of their own.
  2. For regular certs, the contractors simply have to attach the 4171 they get from the Manufacturer / Supplier via an attachment screen, tag the item the cert belongs to, then scan it into the database (the system does this automatically). The inspector will then review and Accept. I’m told that many districts have the contractors submit via PPCC with an attached 4171 and a list of the items it goes to, so hopefully this isn’t much different than current methods.
  3. The big change to this process is in the 4171 itself. We may be modifying it slightly to capture some additional info. The real difference, however, is making it electronic only. We’re going to establish an official 4171 PDF, and that will be the only form that we’ll accept going forward. Basically rules out the hand-filled paper copies. I’m not sure how many manufacturers still do that, but I imagine the contractors would like getting legible certs every time. I know I preferred it when I was in the field.