CT H-17-022  is a revised proposed Special Provision for design, construction and payment for Design-Build
ADA curb ramps on a “quadrant”, or Lump Sum basis.

APC has long advocated that D-B curb ramps be constructed and paid using unit price bid items. 7 of 11 PennDOT Districts agree with APC that, in view of the unknowns involved, it is in the Commonwealth’s best interest to simply pay for whatever is required, nothing more and nothing less, in order to comply with all of the multiple issues unique to each curb ramp.

This proposed specification was developed for use in the 4 Districts that believe they will receive lower bid prices for ramps bid “each” per quadrant. In order to minimize risk, APC members Al Hoffman and Andrew Seravalli met with Department staff who worked on the specification. The proposed specification is less risky than earlier versions because it does establish maximum concrete and curb quantities and does eliminate contractor exposure to the cost of many unknowable items of work.

Use the links below to view relevant documents. Please provide comments to APC’s Leonard Bellanca by August 28 on the electronic spreadsheets provided.