Pavement Policy Manual –  Chapter 11 –  Pavement Type Determination
Clearance Transmittal H-12-053 Step 1 requests comments on major revisions to Chapter 11 of Pub. 242. The revised document is the result of more than a year’s work to bring the methods of selecting the most cost effective pavement type for individual projects up-to-date, a well as refining methods to determine a “C” factor for use in bids where alternate pavement types are permitted.

Representatives of  APC,  the asphalt, and  concrete paving trade associations participated on each of the four  groups that provided  input for the Department’s consideration as the revisions were developed.

Please provide comments to Leonard Bellanca by January 2, 2013 so our response can be prepared and submitted by the closing  of the comment period.

To view a copy of the CT and revised document,  go here.