The Commission is in the process of developing 2 design/build projects for Fiber Optic Network Installation. These design/build projects are comprised of the design and installation of a network of 8 fiber optic micro-ducts with an anticipated ½ inch diameter bundled inside 2 conduits, junction boxes spaced at a maximum ½ mile, 2 fiber optic cables, and associated equipment within the Commission’s right-of-way. The installation includes approximately 112 miles along the East-West Mainline from Harrisburg to the Delaware River Bridge and crossing over 79 bridges. Installation includes approximately 110 miles along the Northeastern Extension from Mid County to Clarks Summit and crossing over 77 bridges and 1 tunnel. Connections are required to approximately 23 demarcation sites along the East-West Mainline and 19 along the Northeastern Extension.

The estimated cost for each of the two segments is approximately $50,000,000.00 to $75,000,000.00. The Commission anticipates letting these 2 projects in the Summer/Fall of 2019.

Prequalification by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) in the appropriate categories and an applicable capacity rating will be required to bid on these projects.

Prospective bidders can obtain the prequalification information on PennDOT’s ECMS website at, logging in as a guest, clicking on Business Partners/Contractors or by contacting the Prequalification Office at 717.787.7032.

In addition to the prequalification requirement, bidders are required to register with the Commission as a business partner. To become a business partner, go to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s Electronic Bidding System (EBS) homepage at Instructions for registration are available on the website.