Utility Relocation Checklist Meeting – District 5 ADE for Construction, Al Pica, organized a meeting this week with Fred Thompson, Matt Yacobenas, Mark Schug and APC staff to discuss development of a Utility Relocation Checklist to be utilized during the design and construction of PennDOT projects.  The impact utilities have on the “time of the projects” and “constructability of projects” was discussed at length.  APC noted that a majority of issues stem from overhead utility providers. APC was provided a Draft Checklist for Utility Relocation for comment.

A major contractor complaint is that utility companies are not preparing engineered relocation plans until after the pre-construction meetings.  Also, some problems are due to lack of information provided to clearly complete the work and additional work required by utility to relocate their facility.

Sometimes utility work is required in a separate phase of the project which typically will require additional E&S permits or revisions to the permit.

Other items discussed included: design issues which didn’t require the overhead facilities to be relocated, which required bridge work to take place within the OSHA regulations, not adequate easement acquired for proper crane pads required, de-energizing lines for demolition purposes was not thought about during design, receiving proper utility plans for project.

APC was provided a copy of the utility checklist to review and make comments.  Larry Ditty with PennDOT will take the comments discussed during the meeting and review them with his committee for Utility Relocation & develop a proposed Utility Checklist for the future.  No further meetings are planned at this time.  APC will provide a copy of the proposed checklist once received from PennDOT.