Our thanks to District 5-0 ADE for Construction Al Pica and District 8-0 ADE For Construction Randy Staudt for coordinating recent APC Senior District Liaison Meetings. Coming out of those meetings, we are seeking input to improve quality of our construction projects. From APC’s standpoint, we are asking the Department to consider certain design deficiencies; inspection and partnering issues; and, construction schedules included in bid documents and plans.

Please forward APC any specific examples of issues you have regarding design deficiencies. For example, unrealistic concrete cure time on night time paving or deck pours. Secondly, send us examples of improvements needed on project level communication and partnering. For example, inspectors quoting the wrong specification or simply not responding to needed decision on a timely manner. Third, send us examples of unrealistic project schedules included in bid documents.

Please send your examples to Bob Latham (rlatham@paconstructors.org), or Aaron Hoover (ahoover@paconstructors.org) so that we can continue to work with the Department on quality improvement.