The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) soon will be replacing the current Expedite software with AASHTO’s replacement product, Project Bids.  PTCs EBS has been designed and configured for this replacement product and is currently undergoing internal user acceptance testing on the PTC development sites.

In addition, the PTC opened their Training site for business partner testing on Monday, July 2.  APC urges industry members to do some testing and provide any feedback. Please report all issues and/or feedback to the EBS Help Desk at (717) 731-5095 or One item of note is that the current Project Bids does not allow for quantity edits by the bidders.  PTC has been pushing for this enhancement as it affects the bidding of piles for alternate structures as well as A + Bx bidding.  The enhancement was approved by AASHTO for development and release but it’s anticipated availability date is the end of August.

PTC would like the industry to test now and look for a second round of testing after the enhancement is available.  Of course, any issues or revisions needed as a result of industry testing would also be addressed for the second round of testing.