(originally posted Sept. 30)

A new set of Force Account (FA) forms (CS-4347 Series) will be posted by the Bureau of Office Services on Monday, October 3, 2016. The new forms were created in fillable PDF format and will replace the current series of Force Account forms. The new forms have been designed to coordinate with both the old and new Force Account specifications; however, when used for FA work performed under the old specification, the User must ensure that markup percentages are correct and the statement does not include costs not allowed under the old specification.

Additionally, two training Webinars have been recorded and are now available for viewing by Business Partners through the PennDOT Training Calendar (links below).

The two courses offer an overview of pending changes that will impact the Force Account process, with the first course covering revisions to the Force Account specification and the second covering revisions to the Force Account forms.

All Contractor, Subcontractor, and Consultant personnel involved in the management, tracking, or oversight of Force Account work, as well as those involved in the creation, review and approval of Force Account paperwork (i.e. statements), are encouraged to view either one or both of these training modules.