Governor Tom Wolf today formally introduced his FY 2017-18 state spending plan before a joint session of the General Assembly in Harrisburg.  In his budget, the governor is proposing a DECREASE of highway funds to be transferred for state police operations.  Currently, $802 million annually is transferred from the state’s Motor License Fund to the PA State Police.  The proposed budget seeks to decrease this amount to $739 million.

Wolf’s budget included a proposal to impose a $25 per person fee on municipalities without local police coverage.  The specifics of this proposal is unknown at this time, but it will certainly need approval by the General Assembly.  The governor has projected this to raise approximately $63 million annually.

Overall, the Governor proposed a $32.3 billion budget that he says will not call for any broad based tax increases and represents approximately $2 billion in savings and cuts.  While it is too early to tell if the legislature will embrace the Governor’s proposal, his proposal to address the State Police funding issue is certainly a positive step.

APC staff will continue to analyze the governor’s budget proposal and provide updates as the process moves forward in the weeks and months ahead.