Yesterday PennDOT issued Strike-Off Letter 481-18-04 to completely revise Pub. 408 Section 409.3(b) to address Extended Season Bituminous Paving. This SOL applies to all projects bid on or after September 27, 2018. The SOL also includes direction to the Districts to apply the revised specification to all projects currently under construction, as well as projects let before September 27 but not yet under construction.

The SOL will be applied to existing projects by issuance of an ECMS Authorization for Contract Work which must be acknowledged by the Contractor within 7 calendar days of receipt. If not acknowledged within 7 Calendar days of receipt, paving season extension requests will be handled only as outlined in the applicable contract specifications.

The SOL address paving season extension requests initiated by either the contractor or the Department, and prescribe additional quality control measures depending on the circumstances.

To read SOL 481-18-04 and all of the attachments, please go here.