Earlier this month, APC launched an industry “Call to Action” urging our elected officials to stop diverting highway funds as they approach the final negotiations of the 2019-20 state budget. To date over 245 members of the highway construction industry have taken action and sent over 490 emails and social media posts calling on their senators and representatives to stop diverting highway funds for state police operations and to pay for the implementation costs of Real ID out of the general fund budget and not the Motor License Fund. To learn more about these issues and their impact on the highway construction industry, visit our Advocacy Page.

If you haven’t yet taken action yourself, we would strongly encourage you to do so today! You can become a part of our Advocacy Team and APC has developed a quick and simple way for you to contact your own elected officials and tell them how you feel regarding these issues. On the Advocacy Page in the link above, we’ve provided a sample email you can send to your personal state senator and representative. You can send this email as provided or you can edit it and personalize it as you see fit. We encourage you to take a minute (or less) and do this today! The General Assembly returns next week to finalize the state budget and they need to hear from our industry regarding these issues.

For more questions or need assistance, please contact APC staff at 717-238-2513 or email Jason Wagner at Jwagner@paconstructors.org.