Notice To All Partners for Damage Prevention in Pennsylvania

ACT 287 of 1974 amended by Act 50 of 2017 is now The “Underground Utility Line Protection Law”. The law makes PA One Call the collection SYSTEM for what the LAW calls an Alleged Violation Report (AVR). This also includes all Damages to Utility Lines and Facilities that exceed $2,500. Excavators and Project Owners have 10 Business Days to report. Facility Owners and Designers have 30 Business Days.

ALL REPORTS should be entered into the “SYSTEM” as shown electronically. All need to have UserID and password to use the system for their security and to protect other users and this also allows them to return for status as the “AVR” is processed initially by PA One Call Compliance staff and the PA PUC One Call Enforcement staff.

Reports will be reviewed at each level and a status posted. Then depending on the Issue Level they will be placed in the Commissions Data Base and communications will be updated as they are processed. There will be a Damage Prevention Committee Meeting the second Tuesday of each month and cases assigned. The goal is for the Committee to review 160 cases per Month. The Committee is made up of Stakeholder Professionals from all involved. Eventually, you will be able to check POCS through the Commissions website for more details. As of the printing of this newsletter, I could not find the information posted to the PUC website –

The Alleged Violation Report (AVR) has been published on the PA One Call webpage to accept reports under PA Act 287 as amended by Act 50 of 2017, which is effective 4/28/18. The form lives under the new Enforcement tab in the Red bar of the website. Users must be logged in to submit a form. 

If you have Questions you can contact PA One Calls Member Services at 1-800-248-1786 ext 7167 or Memberservices@pa1call.or