AASHTO will be sunsetting its Expedite bidding software in June 2019. The Commission will be replacing the current Expedite software with AASHTO’s replacement product, Project Bids. Beginning with projects advertised on or after November 28, 2018, Project Bids will be used on all Commission projects. A link to the required software is available to registered business users in the Downloads section after logging in. Any project advertised prior to November 28, 2018 will continue to use Expedite Version 5.7a. The Download Documents and Submit Bid screens will all identify which version of bidding software is required for that specific project.

For further instructions, please refer to the Contractors & Business Partner User Manual located in the Help tab of the Business Partners home page on the EBS Site. Please contact the EBS Help Desk (717-731-5095) if you have any questions or issues with the Project Bids software.