The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission announced Tuesday that a top state Department of Transportation official will become the agency’s new chief executive officer in February.

The commission has named Mark Compton, of Lancaster County, who currently serves as PennDOT’s deputy secretary of administration. Mr. Compton will replace former CEO Roger Nutt, who stepped down in October, citing health issues.

“He will continue the work his predecessors have done in streamlining operations, becoming a more modern, innovative agency and ensuring our customers receive a level of service and safety they’ve come to expect on the Pennsylvania Turnpike,” said commission chairman William Lieberman in a statement.

The agency faces several challenges moving forward. Since 2009, it has been the subject of a state grand jury investigation about its employment and procurement practices. Its debt burden also has become a subject of concern as it complies with a 2007 law requiring annual payments to the state Department of Transportation for infrastructure projects.

In his role at PennDOT, Mr. Compton oversaw human resources, fiscal management and other operational aspects of the department.

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