All contractors (Prime and Subs) awarded Federal-Aid Highway construction contracts in Pennsylvania more than $10,000 are required to submit the Federal-Aid Highway Construction Contractors Annual EEO Report, FHWA-1391.

Data must reflect the workforce on the project during the latest pay period worked in July 2017. For clarification, any contractor who performed work during the month of July must submit a report.

The FHWA 1391 report is now web-based. All PennDOT Business Partners will submit the report online at Your Engineering and Construction Management System (ECMS) login and password will be required to complete and submit the report. For assistance in gaining login credentials contact the ECMS Help Desk at (717)783-7711, Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM.

Contractors must submit a report for all projects listed under “Open projects” on the Business Partner home screen.

Once you select the project, simply enter the workforce on the project by classification, gender, and ethnicity in the yellow blocks. The total numbers will be automatically calculated and will populate in the green boxes. After you have filled in the numbers, click on “Submit Annual FHWA Report”. A confirmation message will appear, click on “OK” to submit and you will receive a message alerting you that your report has been submitted.

If no work was conducted on the project during the month of July 2017, simply select the project, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on “Submit Annual FHWA Report”. A confirmation message will appear asking “Do you want to submit a NO WORKFORCE REPORT”. Click “OK” to submit.

ALL supply and consultant firms who did not have a workforce in the stated classifications must submit a NO WORKFORCE REPORT.

You may review what projects have been submitted in the “1391 Submitted Projects” tab and you can also view the actual 1391 form for each project in the “Submitted 1391 Form” tab.

We suggest contractors print a copy of their submission page in case the system malfunctions and your report is not received by PennDOT. This will keep your company from receiving an out of compliance notification.

Please submit your 1391 reports no later than August 18, 2017.

Should you have any questions while completing or submitting the forms, do not hesitate to call Blaine Claiborne, Equal Opportunity Specialist, at 717-787-5891 or 1-800-468-4201.