Strike-off Letter 482-13-07 publishes a re-write of Publication 242, Chapter 11 -Pavement Type Determination. This establishes, as policy, updated requirements related to Life Cycle Cost Anlysis (LCCA) and Alternate Pavement Type Bidding.

The re-write of Chapter 11 is the result of over a year’s work of four task groups, led by PennDOT’s Mike Long. Each task group included representatives of APC, the Department, FHWA, and other Industry Associations (PACA, ACPA -PA).

Key components of the new policy include:

  •  LCCA required for all projects which exceed 30,000 square Yards mainline paving
  • Discount Rate to be based on the annual rate established by the Federal Government
  • Standard production rates are established for calculation of Road User Liquidated Damages
  • C-Factor update required within six-month of project letting date
  • Alternate Bidding is required unless the alternates have:
    • A difference of greater than 10% in life-cycle cost without considering user delay cost, or
    • A difference of greater than 20% in life-cycle cost considering user delay costs

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