APC’s Risk Allocation Committee last met on January 29, 2020. Acting PennDOT Chief of Construction & Materials Division Joe Robinson & Acting Highway Delivery Division Chief Christine Reilly attended the meeting along with other Department staff. Below is a brief recap of major items discussed at the meeting.

  • Management of Fill & Testing: John Fleming has been assigned as the lead from the Department. Joe Robinson will be involved from the materials side and will form a small group to address this issue as it is very important to all parties. APC stressed the concerns that the industry has with the PUB281 and the new DEP policy. APC will be working with the small team to ensure Industry concerns are addressed.
  • ECMS – Force Account: The Department noted that all projects bid using the NEW PUB408 edition #7 will be required to use Force Accounts within ECMS.
  • Confined Space Disclosure: The Department is working to research what is required. The first joint meeting is scheduled for February 24, 2020 with DOT/OSHA/APC. •
  • Digital Delivery: HDR was selected as the consultant, intentions are to have preliminary models prepared by April/May for regional meetings.
  • Automated Bituminous: Correction within ECMS should take place this summer and should be implemented by September 2020.
  • Submission of Subcontracts: Industry has concerns of safety and anti-trust due to web accessibility. The APC IT committee and RAC committee will get together to discuss a plan that can be provided to the Department of what Industry would prefer.

If you have any questions concerning items above, please contact Aaron Hoover at ahoover@paconstructors.org.