The APC Risk Allocation Committee will meet with PennDOT representatives this coming Tuesday, April 11. Below are some of the agenda topics.

  • Revisions to NPDES Environmental Permit Process
  • Selective Testing of Hazardous & Regulated Fill
  • Force Account Automation & Tracking & Workers Comp Submissions
  • Bidding -ADA Ramps
  • Justification of Bid Prices
  • Payment for Pavement Patching & Sequence of Resurfacing Contracts
  • Volume of Stocked Millings
  • Clearance Transmittal CT H-17-003 (APC letter 2/28/17):
    • Section 105.06 Utilities
    • Section 105.07 Site Access by Others
  • Clearance Transmittal CT C-17-002:
    • Payment for Damage to Completed Work

Please contact Leonard Bellanca at the APC office with any concerns or suggestions for APC to discuss with the Department.