This week, the Senate Transportation Committee again reported a bill authorizing the use of speed enforcement cameras to be used in selected work zones in Pennsylvania. The new bill, House Bill 1646, closely mirrors an earlier bill passed by the Senate (Senate Bill 172) earlier this year. SB 172 has been pending on the House Floor since January but has not been scheduled for a vote by House Leadership. At the committee meeting this week, Senate Transportation Committee Chairman John Rafferty cited frustrations that the House has not moved SB 172 forward so he offered an amendment to the House Bill to move the legislative process forward and attempt to get a bill on the Governor’s desk by the end of June.

The amendment, however, to HB 1646 isn’t without some outstanding issues that need to be resolved. The State Police and the State Police Troopers Association continue to raise objections to the bill and were able to successfully get into the bill a provision requiring all use of automated speed cameras to be used behind permanent construction barrier. This provision is opposed by PennDOT, the PA Turnpike Commission and APC because it essentially dilutes the potential effectiveness of the legislation. Chairman Rafferty has pledged his willingness and support to develop an amendment to revise this provision when the bill is taken up on the Senate Floor, which is expected in early June.

APC will continue to be actively engaged in negotiations with the General Assembly on this bill. APC staff will be aggressively defending the position that the use of speed cameras is necessary for the safety of the industry as well as the motoring public. We will continue to provide updates as developments unfold. Please contact either Jason Wagner or Bob Latham on the APC staff with any questions.