In legislative action this week, the Senate Transportation Committee unanimously passed a bill that would accelerate the draw-down of payments from the state highway fund for State Police operations.

Senate Bill 858, sponsored by Senator Joe Pittman (R-Indiana), would—if enacted–free up additional funds in the state Motor License Fund (MLF) that are currently going toward State Police operations. Currently, the state allocates $737 million from the MLF to the State Police. A recent law was passed that reduces this amount at a 4% annual rate until it reaches $500 million which is expected in the 2027-28 fiscal year. Senator Pittman’s bill would accelerate this phase down to $500 million annually but get to that level in the 2024-25 fiscal year—3 years earlier than current law prescribes.

APC has long been advocating for eliminating all diversion of highway funds for non-highway purposes. In the spring, we advocated for legislation that would reduce the amount by $65 million annually until NO highway funds are being used for State Police operations. To view our advocacy platform in this area go here. You can contact your own legislators via this site and tell them to stop diverting any funds for non-highway construction purposes.

Staff will continue to monitor this legislation and report on its progress in the legislative process. For more information, please contact Jason Wagner at