PennDOT has issued a report of the progress of the development and implementation of Bentley’s Open Roads Designer (ORD) CONNECT CADD software for use in PennDOT projects.

The ORD team has been working diligently to develop ORD to make 3D modeling less complicated and to provide a solid foundation for achieving the goal of 3D electronic model deliverables for contractors. This new software is being tested and configured to ensure that the 3D models match standards for plans currently provided to the contractor. Initial testing of the software indicated that there were a significant number of shortfalls that needed to be resolved before the software could be pushed out to the districts for production use.

The team has just completed testing the most current ORD release. The results indicate improvement from previous versions of software, but the software developer still has some changes to make before the software will be acceptable for use as a production base at PennDOT. Some examples of things that remain to be included are:

  • • Recognizing COGO points and their properties
    • Generation of a .geo file that will work with HEC-RAS
    • Transposing Utilities
    • Locating Angle Resection
    • Locating a fit curve
    • Stopping and headlight sight distance

The team has been working closely with Bentley to resolve these and other items that will provide us with a stable base program. Bentley has committed to two more releases of the ORD software to be delivered between now and February 2019 which should address many of the identified issues. Workarounds will be developed as necessary for any items that will not be included in an official release.

Once the software contains all necessary functionality and has been configured to meet PennDOT CADD standards, Proof of Concept (POC) testing will occur which will ensure that the software completely meets PennDOT’s needs. Once the team is satisfied, a team of trainers will work with PennDOT staff across the state to ensure they are well versed in the correct usage of the software. This will take several months to accomplish, but the goal is to have all users trained and using the new software by December 2019. Full documentation of the PennDOT ORD software will be available to consultants on the CADD website.

The PennDOT workspace will be made available to design consultants for testing soon. We welcome your feedback.

Please direct any questions to Debbie Reihart at