The General Assembly has adjourned for its summer recess which typically means activity within the capitol is a little sparse. There were some activities of note, however, and we’ll take a moment to report them to you below.

Highly Automated Vehicles. The House Transportation Committee held a series of public hearings on legislation that would define and establish regulations for “highly automated vehicles” in particular those which are used as Personal Delivery Devices or PDD’s. These are automated, person-less devices that often come in the form of drones and are designed to deliver goods from business to business or business to residence within a three to five-mile area. Currently there are very limited laws and regulations in place on how these vehicles interact with regular, human-powered ones. Additionally, may of these vehicles operate without paying into any sort of road usage or registration fees.

Senator Argall meets with APC Board. Senate Majority Policy Chairman Dave Argall met with the APC Board of Directors during its meeting on Tuesday. Argall was the prime sponsor of the recent law that provided automated speed enforcement cameras in work zones. Argall addressed that issue but also gave the Board an overview of the current fiscal situation facing the Commonwealth and provided insight on how the state may generate additional revenues to close the deficit in the state budget.