The TQI Procurement Team met recently to kick off efforts. The group held a one-hour WebEx on Virginia DOT’s procurement methods.  Virginia WebEx presenters were:

  • Tom Witt – Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance
  • Jon Harmon – Shirley Construction
  • Dave Mahoney – Dewberry Engineering

Next Steps:

  • PennDOT and PTC should consider what types of projects they would want to use two-step/low bid and two-step/best value procurement to deliver.
  • Each party (PennDOT, PTC, Consultants and Contractors) should consider their preferred distribution of the risk allocations to achieve successful projects.
  • Consultant facilitators will develop a matrix showing how Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio’s distribution of various risks (i.e. right-of-way acquisition, environmental permitting, utilities, QC/QA).
  • Review how the different states handle DBE requirements.

The goal is to see if the group can develop a proposal for consideration during the APC Summer Board Meeting, July 20-21.