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2020 Community Connection & Enhancement Award

US 22 – Canoe Creek Intersection

PennDOT Engineering District 9-0 / The EADS Group, Inc. / Plum Contracting, Inc. / Federal Highway Administration / Rails to Trails of Central Pennsylvania / Blair County Commissioners / Frankstown Township Supervisors

US 22 – Canoe Creek Intersection Improvements Project consists of roadway improvements along 1 mile of US 22 near Canoe Creek State Park in Frankstown Township, Blair County. The project includes realignment of 3 intersections to correct substandard geometry, allowing for the elimination of two existing intersections with US 22. Widening is provided on US 22 to accommodate left turn lanes at two intersections. An existing box culvert and bridge along US 22 are replaced and a new box culvert at SR 2022 is provided. Also included is the construction of ½ mile of new shared use trail including a precast box underpass to provide a connection between the existing Lower Trail and the north side of US 22 for future connectivity to the state park. Additionally, the design of the US 22 bridge over Canoe Creek provides a walkway on the upstream side that will be utilized by DCNR as they develop a connection to the new shared use trail and further expand the trail network within the park.

2020 Community Connection & Enhancement Award

Mon Wharf Pedestrian Bridge

SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc. / Clearwater Construction / City of Pittsburgh DOMI / Riverlife

In a partnership with the City of Pittsburgh DOMI, Riverlife contacted SAI Consulting Engineers to provide a streamline design of the Mon Wharf Pedestrian Bridge. SAI provided a switchback design to minimize structure length and foundations. The bridge is a 607ʹ long by 12ʹ wide two girder system with a concrete deck and railing. The switchback provides pedestrian and cyclist connection between the Smithfield Street Bridge and the Mon Wharf, a 35ʹ elevation difference.

2020 Community Connection & Enhancement Award

Frankford Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation

PennDOT Engineering District 6-0 / Loftus Construction, Inc. / TranSystems /SEPTA / Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

Frankford Avenue crosses over the Pennypack Creek with a three-span, stone masonry arch bridge that has been a presence in the Holmesburg neighborhood of northeast Philadelphia for three centuries. Built circa 1697, the bridge is the oldest continuously-used roadway bridge in the United States and was suffering from severe deterioration and significant collision damage. When confronted with repair needs following a collision that destroyed a portion of a parapet wall, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation opted instead for a full rehabilitation rather than a quick repair of the wall. PennDOT, in collaboration with TranSystems, developed a rehabilitation program for the bridge that addressed its structural deficiencies while maintaining its historic character, all while working with the local community, adjacent schools, SEPTA, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and a consulting parties group (part of the Section 106 process) throughout the design and construction phases.


Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Southern Beltway 55-A1

Independence Excavating Inc. / PA Turnpike Commission / CDR Maguire / Mackin Engineering Company

This project, Section 55-A1, is the first of 7 phases which will ultimately connect SR 22 to SR 79. Located in Robinson Township, Washington County, 55-A1 is a 3.7-mile 4-lane highway extension of SR 576. The 55-A1 project includes work on 4 state roads. This involves the reconstruction/realignment of SR 4009 (Candor Road), SR 4011 (Quicksilver Road) and SR 980 (Robinson Highway) as well as the construction of the new relocated SR 4010 (Beech Hollow Road). Some technical characteristics of the project include 5.3 million cubic yards of excavation, 19 new detention ponds, 48,000 feet of storm sewer, 10,000 feet of temporary/permanent waterline relocation, 40,000 feet of conduit for highway lighting/telecommunications, 74,000 feet of underdrain, 29,000 feet of guide rail, and 300,000 square yards of new concrete and asphalt pavement. Additionally, the project includes the construction of 7 new bridges ranging from single span to triple span in size.


Replacement of Bridge No. EB-117 MP 238.09

The EADS Group, Inc. / PA Turnpike Commission/ J.D. Eckman, Inc. / Monaloh Basin Engineers / Alfred Benesch & Company

This project included the replacement of the existing Bridge EB-117 over the Norfolk Southern (NS) Railroad during the 2018/2019 Construction Seasons. The existing three-span steel girder bridge was replaced with a single span steel rolled girder bridge utilizing Accelerated Bridge Construction Methods. In order to complete the EB-117 Bridge project, two separate 59-hour road closures, one eastbound and one westbound along the Pennsylvania Turnpike were implemented.

Project Partnering played a crucial role in the successful completion of the project. Partnering started out informally during design with the coordination and planning between all entities involved in the design. Partnering then was carried out through construction with a formal partnering workshop and continued through project completion with coordination and cooperation between all project stakeholders.



US 119 Three Bridges

PennDOT District 10 / FHWA / Swank Construction Company, LLC / Erdman Anthony Associates, Inc.

This project involved the replacement of the bridge carrying US 119 over Yellow Creek with a four lane, single span composite steel plate girder bridge, removal and elimination of the existing structure carrying US 119 over T-840 (Tide Road), and the removal and elimination of the bridge carrying US 119 over an abandoned private railroad. This included widening of the existing median, addition of a concrete jersey type median barrier, upgrading of guide rail, modification and improvement of drainage, raising the elevation of Tide Road to make it an at grade intersection with US 119, and other miscellaneous construction.


TRUSS District 8 Women’s Support Group

TRUSS has been a self-sustaining, women’s networking and support group in PennDOT District 8 since November 2018. The group was created by an employee to reach out to women across the entire district, ranging from equipment operators to clerk typists to engineers. This initiative brought women in the district closer and showcased assets that women can bring to the workforce. The group is represented by a committee of different generations, units, and backgrounds and is backed by executive-level employees who all share the same vision, mission, and values.



Jacobs puts people at the heart of its business. With an unparalleled focus on inclusion with a diverse team of visionaries, thinkers and doers, Jacobs embraces all perspectives, collaborating to make a positive impact. It aims to make diversity and inclusion (D&I) core attributes of its identity, embedded in all employment and business practices in all locations. Jacobs has elevated D&I to a core value that guides how it pursues and executes business globally. Ranked in the top quartile of Forbes’ Best Employers for Diversity, it continues to advance diversity and inclusion to create an environment where all employees can thrive.

Jacobs’ formal D&I program is ‘Together Beyond.’ It has three priority focus areas: Culture Building and Engagement, Leadership Commitment and Accountability, and Developing Our Talent. Jacobs established distinct firm-wide initiatives related to each of these focus areas, each with a timeline for implementation and specific metrics to measure success.


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We look forward to honoring industry excellence, safely and conveniently in a virtual environment this September. We will once again plan to gather in person for next year’s TQI Innovation Conference & Awards in State College scheduled for April 13 – 14, 2021.