Congratulations to the 2023 TQI Award Recipients

Each year, members of our industry do incredible work that’s worth recognizing. APC partners with PennDOT, the PA Turnpike Commission and ACEC/PA to recognize industry members who have gone above and beyond to advance diversity and inclusion, enhance communities and exhibit excellence in partnership.


Partnering Award

PA 356 Safety Improvement Project


PennDOT District 12-0, CDR Maguire’ Gibson-Thomas Engineering Co., Inc., & Ligonier Construction

The project involved work involves horizontal and vertical realignment of the roadway to improve sight distance along State Route 356, full depth widening at various intersections to install auxiliary lanes and widened shoulders, replacement of 4 structures, installation of permanent stormwater facilities, and other miscellaneous construction, as indicated on the approved drawings included in the bid package for State Route 356.

Although a Partnering Charter was not included in this project, the partnering spirit between all parties, PennDOT, Ligonier Construction (Contractor), Gibson-Thomas Engineering (Inspection Consultant), and CDR Maguire (Designer and Construction Consultation Consultant) was maintained throughout the life of the project. The kickoff meeting, utility relocation coordination meetings, Value Engineering meetings, and progress meetings that were held for this project throughout construction amplified and exemplified the unity of every partner involved in constructing this safety improvement project.

Community Connection & Enhancement Award

Coulter Street Bridge Over SEPTA

PennDOT District 6-0, Loftus Construction Inc. & AECOM

This project is located in an urban environment in the Germantown Section of the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County. This project involved a superstructure replacement of a bridge that was closed due to deteriorating structure condition. The project involved intensive community involvement and coordination. It also involved the replacement of the superstructure over a historic property, the Pennsylvania Railroad: Chestnut Hill Branch (Chestnut Hill to North Philadelphia) Also, the project modified railroad line electric catenaries. Catenary wires were previously attached to the bridge. New catenary towers will be constructed on either side of the new superstructure to carry the lines. In order to perform the work successfully, the contractor, worked with the Department, SEPTA, the City of Philadelphia and the community to accommodate the work over an active, historic rail line. Multiple public meetings were held during design and through the completion of construction.


Pennoni Associates Inc.

PennDOT Mentor Protégé Program – PennDOT’s Mentor Protégé Program (MPP) for consultants was created in 2022 to increase the diversity and participation in the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program through outreach, education, and increased opportunities for protégé companies, which will directly address PennDOT’s 2018 Disparity Study. The MPP is designed to motivate and encourage prime/mentor firms to provide mutually beneficial developmental assistance to small businesses/protégé firms.


I-95 Emergency Replacement Project

PennDOT District 6-0, Alfred Benesch & Co., Buckley & Company Inc., Aero Aggregates of North America LLC, C Abbonizio Contractors, JM Pereira/Buck County Concrete & SJA Construction/James Anderson Construction

On June 11, 2023, a tanker truck fire erupted underneath the I-95 bridge. The incident led to the collapse of the northbound side of the bridge and severe compromise of the southbound side of the bridge. A Proclamation of Disaster Emergency was issued by the Governor of Pennsylvania on June 12, 2023 and emergency contracting procedures were used for emergency response and initial construction activities. An emergency response ensued and the initial activities (evaluated in the June 2023 Categorical Exclusion Level 1A for MPMS 86945) were completed. The initial activities included the bridge removal and construction of a temporary roadway on temporary engineered fill embankments to re-open I-95 to vehicular traffic. This temporary roadway consists of three travel lanes in each direction. I-95 was reopened to traffic on June 23, 2023.


Fern Hollow Emergency Replacement Project

HDR, Michael Baker International LLC, PennDOT District 11-0, Swank Construction Co. LLC, City of Pittsburgh & Department of Mobility and Infrastructure

Early on the snowy morning of Friday, January 28, 2022, the 447-foot-long Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh collapsed nearly 100 feet into a park ravine, carrying with it a mass transit bus and four passenger vehicles. Miraculously, no lives were lost. Less than a year after its collapse, Pittsburgh’s Fern Hollow Bridge is once again connecting communities. The project transformed a tragic incident into a source of community pride. The team kept the bridge’s four vehicular lanes, maintained the existing right of way, expanded multi-modal capacity, increased safety, and integrated public art. The herculean effort required designing critical components simultaneously, using available materials, consolidating reviews, avoiding historic structures, and constructing new abutments. A public spectacle, community members and news organizations watched and applauded the parade of bridge beams. The historic project is a testament to collaboration, innovation and community willpower.