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APC uses this tool to better enable our industry to collectively communicate with our elected officials on the policy issues and legislation that matter to us the most. Sign-up now! Be part of the largest, highway construction advocacy network in PA

We’ve changed the name of the APC Educational Trust Fund to the APC Advocacy Trust Fund. Why? Because the Advocacy Trust Fund is the driver of APC’s public messaging and industry advocacy efforts. The APC Advocacy Trust Fund pays the expenses of the Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition, the Pennsylvania Highway Information Association, public polling, television appearances and much more. All these efforts are the advocacy and marketing arm of Pennsylvania’s transportation construction industry. Formed in 1971, the APC Educational Trust Fund was originally started to educate the public of the value of good roads. Your financial support of the APC Advocacy Trust Fund is a solid investment in the future of your business.

More than one hundred APC contractor members support APC’s Advocacy Trust Fund (APC-ATF) (formerly the Educational trust Fund). These voluntary contributions assist efforts to educate the public and legislative decision-makers on the importance of an adequately funded, safe, and modern highway system.

The APC-ATF has financed media relations efforts in conjunction with advocacy for increased highway funding. In addition, the APC-ATF has helped to underwrite public service announcements during National Work Zone, the Pennsylvania Highway Information Association’s weekly e-mail newsletter, E-Motion as well as various other PHIA programs.  Finally, the Educational Trust Fund helps to promote the highway construction industry as a career path for high school students.  The Pennsylvania Construction Career Day is just one way we promote the industry to students.

Assessments of 1/10TH of 1% based on the total amount of public transportation work in Pennsylvania are prepared for both prime and subcontractor members to generate contributions. Participation is voluntary and greatly appreciated!

We hope you join our efforts to maintain a high level of investment in Pennsylvania’s highways and bridges.

If you should require additional information, please contact Bob Latham, APC Executive Vice President, at (717) 238-2513.


  • Geoffrey W. Clarke, Swank Construction Company, LLC
  • Donald L. Detwiler, New Enterprise Stone & Lime Company, Inc.
  • Mark S. Eckman, J. D. Eckman
  • Daniel R. Hawbaker, Glenn O. Hawbaker
  • Max Hempt, Hempt Brothers, Inc.
  • Craig A. Hoogstraten, James J. Anderson Construction Company, Inc.
  • John R. Kibblehouse, Sr., Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc.
  • Robert E. Latham, Associated Pennsylvania Constructors
  • Kevin Loftus, Loftus Construction, Inc.
  • John F. McCaskie, Swank Construction Company, LLC
  • Mark Schug, Susquehanna Valley Construction Corp.
  • Andrew Swank, Swank Construction Company, LLC



APC Advocacy Initiative

Led broad support to increase in PA transportation funding.

Act 89 approved in November 2013, raising $2.3 billion in new revenue annually.

Stop leakage from Motor License Fund.

House ordered Legislative Budget & Finance Committee study, which said Motor License Fund subsidies were $222 million too high.

General Assembly capped Motor License Fund subsidy to State Police, with annual reductions to $500 million over ten years.

Find alternatives to Motor License Fund to support State Police.

Governor and several legislators devised legislation calling for municipalities to pay for State Police coverage. Issue awaits final legislative solution.

Lead effort to stop or reduce the raids of the Multimodal Transportation and Public Transportation Trust funds.

$400 million raid reduced to $100 million; could fall to zero if governor finds alternatives.

Lobby for legislation to make highway work zones safer for construction workers and the traveling public.

Senate bill approved and sent to House; House bill approved in committee and awaits full House consideration.

Secure transportation funding solution at the federal level.

Established ongoing dialog with PA congressional delegation. President rolling out infrastructure plan.