EEO/DBE Committee

APC believes in equal opportunity for businesses of all types and sizes. This committee works with the PennDOT Bureau of Equal Opportunity to make sure the DBE Program remains fair to all contractors.


  • Clayton Stahl, PE, Gulisek Construction, LLC

Staff Contact

Upcoming APC Committee Meetings

  • Chelsea Ankney, New Enterprise Stone & Lime, Co., Inc.
  • Read Bachman, Eastern Industries, Inc.
  • Chris Bair, CLP, Resources
  • Lacey L. Benzing, Structural Services, Inc.
  • Jennifer Cramer, Wagman Heavy Civil, Inc.
  • Carol Dillon, Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.
  • Brenda Dixon, Dixon Contracting & Supply
  • John Fiem, Wagman Heavy Civil, Inc.
  • Ron Hags, Swank Construction Company, LLC
  • Craig A. Hoogstraten, James J Anderson Construction Co., Inc.
  • Thomas Isenberg, PKF-Mark III, Inc.
  • James W. Kutz, Esq., McNees, Wallace & Nurick
  • Massy Paul, Monaloh Basin Engineers
  • Wendy L. Reed, Bridg-it Fabricators, Inc.
  • Jose Reyes, Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.
  • Nancy Reynolds, Brayman Construction Corporation
  • Rhonda J. Snyder, Mekis Construction Corporation
  • Lynn S. Verdes, Bridg-it Fabricators, Inc.