Safety Committee

APC members are concerned about the safety of their employees in the field. This committee works closely with PennDOT and the PA Turnpike Commission to address work zone and general safety concerns.


  • Chris McHugh, HRI, Inc.
  • Matthew Briggs, PennDOT

Staff Contact

Upcoming APC Committee Meetings

  • Mark Bailey, Hempt Bros., Inc.
  • Dick Bair, Francis J. Palo, Inc.
  • Cal Beyer, Murray Insurance Co.
  • Drew Bitner, Trumbull Corporation
  • Jeff Boggs, Atlantic Concrete Cutting, Inc.
  • Ed Buffington, Walsh Construction Corp.
  • Larry Chilenski, Swank Construction Company, LLC
  • John Clancy, Cold Spring Construction Co.
  • Bob Conrad, Glasgow, Inc.
  • Matt Craley, Flagger Force-Traffic Control Service, Inc.
  • Eric Dolan, New Enterprise Stone and Lime Co.
  • Michael P. Doner,
    Flagger Force-Traffic Control Service, Inc.
  • Anthony Dougherty, Traffic Planning & Design, Inc.
  • John Farrell, Allan A. Myers, LP
  • Daniel Flohr, Kinsley Construction , Inc.
  • Jim Furey, James D. Morrissey, Inc.
  • Tom Goldinger, Plum Contracting Co.
  • Josh Hatcher, Donegal Construction Corp.
  • Jeremy Hostetler, Lane Construction Corp.
  • Bob Kermon, James J. Anderson Construction Co., Inc.
  • Jason Koss, CAWP
  • Chad Lincoln, Trumbull Corporation
  • Dave Maloney, J.B. Fay Co.
  • Curt Moore, Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.
  • Ryan Munley, TRC Solutions
  • Joe Oswald, PennDOT
  • Gary Pennick, PA Turnpike Commission
  • Chris Reefer, J.B. Fay Co.
  • Brenda Reigle, PA Utility Contractors Association
  • Mike Rieber, Golden Triangle Construction Co.
  • Bob Rishell, Susquehanna Valley Construction Corp.
  • Joe Ritchey, Murray Insurance Corp.
  • Jason Rohrer, J-Tech, Inc.
  • Tim Scanlon, PA Turnpike Commission
  • Lorraine Scudder, Renaissance Technologies, Inc.
  • Matthew R. Shorb, L. S. Lee, Inc.
  • Mark Smith, Allan A. Myers, LP
  • Stew Snyder, Bruce & Merrilees Electric Company
  • Rhonda J. Snyder, Mekis Construction Corporation
  • Steven Thomas, Walsh Construction Corp.
  • Steve Tomlinson, Ready, Set, Safe, Inc.
  • Doug Walker, Atlantic Concrete Cutting, Inc.
  • Richard Wittlinger, J. D. Eckman, Inc.