APC Strategic Plan 2019

Three-Year Strategic Goals

  1. Growing the Transportation Construction Market
    1. GOAL: PennDOT’s 2020 Statewide Central Office Construction Lettings will be at least $2.8 Billion.
    2. GOAL: Increase PennDOT’s District Maintenance Letting Program by 15% between 2017 and 2019
  2. Enhancing APC’s Role as a Trusted Partner with PennDOT and Agencies
    1. GOAL: APC will have held small liaison meetings in each PennDOT District twice per year by 2019.
    2. GOAL: Increase the number of contract disputes that are resolved informally rather than via formal claim filing.
    3. GOAL: ADEs for Construction will have sought input from APC during their regular 2019 meetings.
    4. GOAL: During the 2017 Summer Board meeting, APC staff will present an update on a joint effort with PennDOT to increase the effectiveness of PennDOT’s DBE program
    5. GOAL: Develop a formal public relations program in conjunction with PennDOT to help improve public perception of the safety and quality of the Pennsylvania Transportation System
  3. Enhancing the Workforce of the Future
    1. GOAL: By May 2017, Governor Tom Wolf will have signed into law, legislation to provide for automated speed enforcement in highway work zones.
    2. GOAL: By May 2017, APC will have established a plan to provide additional training opportunities for existing contractor employees.
    3. GOAL: By May 2017, APC will have established a plan to market the Pennsylvania highway construction industry to potential employees, with an emphasis on recruiting minorities and females into the industry.
  4. Strengthening APC’s Position as a Trusted Leader
    1. GOAL: In November 2019, APC will hold its fourth annual Industry Leadership Development Program for new member/young executive orientation in Hershey
    2. GOAL: By May 2017, APC will have begun to implement a Industry Leadership Development Program for its members in cooperation with ARTBA’s Leadership Development Program.
    3. GOAL: During its May 2018 Board meeting the APC Board of Directors will approve an APC Succession Plan for potential expected and unexpected changes in Staff and Voluntary leaders including; develop timelines, job descriptions, tasks/processes, action plan etc.
    4. GOAL: By November 2017, APC will have applied staff and other resources to implement a plan to engage current members and pursue membership development at the regional or local level.
    5. GOAL: By November 2018, APC will have advocated for the following to improve the contracting climate.
  5. Strengthening the Association’s Finances
    1. GOAL: By November 30, 2019 APC will have added $300,000 to existing reserves while acquiring needed staff and resources to fulfill agreed upon goals.
    2. GOAL: By May 2017 APC will have assessed funds required to adequately pay for meeting public relations and advocacy goals and begun to implement a plan to collect those funds.
    3. GOAL: By January 2017 the TCI-PAC Board will have agreed upon necessary financing and organization to advance advocacy goals and begun to implement a plan.