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Parking at the APC Building


Parking Policy

parking-75x75Since APC built its headquarters at 800 N. Third Street, Harrisburg in 1970, the Association has offered its members free on-premise parking when they came to Harrisburg for Board of Directors’, executive committee, standing committee, TCI-PAC, PHIA, and meetings with PennDOT and members of the state legislature, plus other highway construction related meetings. In the past year, we have observed that a great majority of our APC parking spaces are being used on a daily basis by individuals whose firms have consultant agreements with PennDOT central office. These people are basically using APC facilities for their daily free parking while working at PennDOT. This obviously was never the intended use or purpose for providing on-premise parking for the APC membership. APC members who are coming to town for APC-related meetings or APC-sponsored training programs are now often finding no places to park. In consideration of the above, effective July 1, 2015:

  • APC will no longer provide free on-premise parking for consultants who are essentially working at PennDOT headquarters on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Affected firms should notify their staff of this new policy and seek alternative parking at Harrisburg Public Parking Garages or other private lots in the area.
  • If you’re in Harrisburg on APC-related business or committee meetings, you may in any spaces marked “APC”.
  • When you arrive, kindly let our APC receptionist on the 5th floor know where you are parked so that we can better manage our on-premise parking.