Use Highway User Funds for Road Improvements

The highway construction design and materials industry has launched a campaign calling for the preservation of highway funds for their intended purposes–fixing and repairing our state’s highways and bridges.

You’ve likely seen the significant media coverage surrounding Auditor General Eugene DePasquale’s recent audit finding that $4.2 billion has been diverted from the Motor License Fund to support State Police operations since the 2012-13 fiscal year. In his report, he drew attention to the fact that the amount of funds diverted could have helped eliminate the list of 2,829 structurally deficient bridges in Pennsylvania. As many of you know, this diversion issue has been something our industry has been discussing since before the passage of Act 89.

Additionally, our industry faces a number of other challenges: Lettings are projected to be down by $250 million; we’re seeing a growing amount of electric vehicles not paying their fair share but causing just as much wear and tear on our roads; and, we’ll soon see the impact of more Motor License Fund money diverted to yet another unrelated matter: REAL ID.

To learn more about these issues, go here for our messaging document.

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Spring 2019 Industry Messaging

The Motor License Fund (MLF) should be used as intended – for the construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of and safety on public highways and bridges. Unrelated items such as State Police operations and the federally-mandated implementation of REAL ID, divert substantial resources from the MLF.