The Executive Committee acts in the interim between meetings of the APC Board of Directors in any matters which may require attention. The committee meets at the call of the President and its actions are reported at the following Board of Directors meeting.
  • Al Hoffman
    Road Con (President)
  • Scott Grannas
    Grannas Brothers, Inc. (Vice President)
  • Mark Gentile
    Trumbull Corporation (Treaseurer)
  • Robert E. Latham, CAE  (Executive Vice President)
  • Charles J. Niederriter
    Golden Triangle Construction Co., Inc. (Immediate Past Pres)
  • Mark Eckam
    J.D. Eckman
  • Roy Heim
    Heim Construction
  • Craig A. Hoogstraten
    James J. Anderson Construction Co., Inc.
  • Kevin Loftus
    Loftus Construction
  • Ali Mills
    Plum Contracting, Inc.
  • Stephen M. Muck
    Brayman Construction Corp
  • Megan, Ritchey
    Jilco, Inc.
  • Andrew Swank
    Swank Construction Company, LLC
  • Fred Thompson
    Kinsley Construction
  • Lisa Wagman-Glezer


  • Richard J. Barcaskey, CAWP
  • James R. Davis, CAEP