Associated Pennsylvania Constructors

APC is a trade association that unites more than 400 members including prime and subcontractors, consulting engineers, material suppliers, manufacturers, and others with an interest in Pennsylvania’s road and bridge construction industry. The association has been serving the industry for more than 80 years and represents the majority of actively bidding contractors in the Commonwealth’s $1.6-billion highway industry. APC works diligently to facilitate the work of its members in their efforts to improve the Commonwealth’s road and bridge network. Together, the association and its membership are focused on Building Highways…Bridging Communities.

To be the  leader of a focused and aligned industry, in partnership with government owners, while generating public confidence to adequately fund a high quality and safe transportation system.


The Associated Pennsylvania Constructors is an association representing construction contractors and other firms having a business interest in the Transportation Construction Industry in Pennsylvania. Its mission is to focus the efforts and resources of the members to:

  1. Advocate adequate funding for Pennsylvania’s highway and transportation needs.
  2. Ensure a positive partnership between governmental agencies, the public, and APC members based upon trust and integrity.
  3. Promote quality, safety and innovation in design and construction of transportation systems
  1. To advocate fairness in contracting for both private industry and owners.
  2. To support our members’ efforts to promote excellence in providing a safe work environment and safety in highway work zones.
  3. To act with integrity and honesty.
  4. To conduct ourselves in a professional manner that promotes trust and cooperation with owner agencies.
  5. To recognize the value of diversity in our industry.
  6. To act with transparency and be responsive to our members, owner agencies and industry partners.

APC primarily represents transportation construction contractors and subcontractors. The association seeks:

  1.  To advocate for transportation construction work being done by private contract. We believe our position is in the interest of the taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  2. To seek adequate funding for construction and maintenance in the Commonwealth in order to ensure a high quality transportation system that enhances safety, mobility and quality of life for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  3. To promote cooperative working relations between public owners’ representatives, design professionals, material and equipment producers, and others with whom general contractors, or subcontractors have business dealings;
  4. To maintain high professional and ethical standards in the conduct of work;
  5. To encourage those methods of contracting for construction work which relieve the contractors of inequitable risks;
  6. To encourage construction and design methods that result in the highest quality construction product.