We’re excited to announce that former Navy SEAL Team Six operator and military dog handler Will Chesney will be the keynote speaker at the 45th Annual Fall Seminar in Hershey, PA. Chesney participated in hundreds of missions with his Belgian Malinois, Cairo, including the infamous Operation Neptune Spear, which resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden.

After 13 years of dedicated service, during which he received various medals and commendations, including a Silver Star and a Purple Heart, Chesney retired from service in 2015 following a grenade explosion that left him injured.

Chesney is a is an accomplished author, having authored the best-selling book “No Ordinary Dog.” His memoir tells the story of Will’s working relationship with Cairo through multiple deployments and how Cairo saved Will’s life in more ways than one.

In addition to his writing career, Will is also involved in several volunteer projects that support his fellow veterans. He works with Warrior Health Foundation, supporting veterans suffering from “Operator Syndrome” and those who have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Will also works with Warrior Dog, an organization that helps all retired military working dogs find shelter and rehab when they are no longer fit for service.

Chesney will speak during the Opening General Session of the Fall Seminar on November 16, 2023. Check more information about our keynote speaker here.

Registration, sponsorships and additional Fall Seminar dates and details to be announced soon! We can’t wait to see you in Hershey on November 15-17, 2023!