PennDOT Deputy Secretary Mike Keiser met Monday with members of the APC Executive Committee. Most of the conversation revolved around the Department’s future program. To date, Keiser reported that the department has bid a total of 413 projects totaling $1.41 billion in lettings. Additionally, he said the department expects to bid another 123 projects estimated at another $578 million for the remainder of the calendar year. Mr. Keiser also noted that without additional state or federal funding, PennDOT projects letting levels of about $2.0 billion for calendar years 2021, 2022, and 2023. Passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act would increase letting by about $500 million in the first year with growth in the out years. Go here to use the ARTBA Grassroots Action Center and contact your representative via email and Twitter TODAY.

The group also discussed the situation with materials availability and cost increases. Some Districts are providing work arounds to alleviate the problem on some projects. Today, APC’s Risk Allocation Committee will be developing solutions to present to the Department during an October 14 meeting. Members are encouraged to give input to APC via contact with Aaron Hoover (