Supply Chain Impacts Process Team:
The current supply chain issues have had broad impacts on the transportation industry. Contractors have struggled to acquire the necessary materials in a timely manner within the tumultuous and unpredictable supply chains and are challenged in assessing the associated risks to schedule and budget. Owners are dealing with a high number of project delays, change orders, and claims. This TQI process team is tasked with identifying potential ways to reduce, mitigate, and/or manage the transportation industry’s supply chain impacts in a manner that is fair to all sides. This process team will work collaboratively to identify and develop potential policies and practices, ranging from design to procurement and construction, that could help to improve the situation.

Regulated Fill Process Team:
PA DEP’s regulations for the management of regulated fill (published within their “Management of Fill Policy,” issued in January 2021), have led to significant challenges and frustrations within the transportation industry. The additional efforts that are now necessary to meet the regulated fill policies have led to excessive costs, schedule impacts, and other disruptions. This TQI process team is tasked with identifying creative solutions for the management of regulated fill in the transportation industry that are both environmentally sound and fiscally responsible.

APC is looking for input as to solutions and ideas for these two process teams to consider. Please contact Aaron Hoover ( at the APC office.