Robert Latham, executive VP of Associated Pennsylvania Constructors, congratulated Governor Shapiro and PennDOT Secretary Mike Carroll for their leadership in fast-tracking the temporary replacement road for the collapsed I-95 bridge in northeast Philadelphia.

The temporary road reopened on Friday, less than two weeks after the fatal accident that destroyed the bridge. Initial projections were that the highway would be closed to traffic for months, but PennDOT came up with an innovative solution involving the use of foam glass backfill, which has been used in Europe for decades, but only recently has begun to be used in the U.S.

“I like to say that the transportation construction industry is capable of miracles, but I don’t think anyone thought a temporary replacement road to carry interstate highway traffic could be built in two weeks,” Latham said. “It’s a testament to everyone who stepped up to address this crisis immediately, and to lessen the possibility of traffic congestion and supply-chain problems that could have arisen if even that short stretch of highway was closed for multiple months.”

Latham noted that three APC member companies were involved in the project. They are Buckley & Company, James J. Anderson Construction and Benesch engineering consultants. Aero Aggregates North America is the Delaware County company that produced the foam glass. These companies worked in close partnership with PennDOT around the clock to complete this project.

“Most people understand that our transportation infrastructure is in poor shape,” Latham said. “It appears that there is support in the General Assembly to restore the revenue that has been diverted from the Motor License Fund for State Police operations. We hope that happens as quickly as possible so we can address our transportation needs.”