On November 5 the Risk Allocation Committee met with Department staff from Central Office and ADE’s from several Districts. Below is a brief summary of our discussion. For more information, watch for detailed RAC minutes to be posted or contact Aaron Hoover at ahoover@paconstructors.org or Kent Wible (Hempt Bros.) the RAC Chair with any questions.

  • Selective testing /MOF policy update – was told DEP released their NEW policy on Nov. 2 (Additional information below)
  • Use of Like Items – Kelly Barber is working to include items as previously discussed for piles, rebar, endwalls and pipe.
  • Planless 2025 – the Department is working with a consultant to create models. Expect something preliminary beginning of 2020 to review.
  • ECMS Force Account Submission – intentions are to utilize the ECMS Force Account for all Districts starting in 2020, corrections have been made to the system.
  • Crew Size Scaling operations – payment for scaling has been changed to be paid by an hourly rate not by crew size.
  • Pub408 rewrite – the Department intends to hold training at all Winter Schools for Industry.
  • Presentation of Modified Materials when bidding – Industry expressed concerns to the Department that anytime an item is modified during a bid that item shall be designated separate from the original big item using a 4 or 9 so that Industry knows that it has been changed from its original item.