A new ECMS enhancement will allow contractors to submit all of their prequalification applications electronically instead of by paper/mail. While contractors will still be able to submit their paper applications by mail, it is PennDOT’s goal that the vast majority of contractors will eventually choose to submit all of their prequalification applications electronically. One of the benefits that is being designed for this project is that contractors will be able to monitor the status of their applications in ECMS in real time. In addition, application processing will be more efficient for both contractors and PennDOT, so end-to-end processing time will be faster overall.

This new functionality is currently scheduled to be available for use by contractors on Friday, February 17, 2023.

PennDOT advises that training videos for the electronic submission of prequalification applications are being developed and will be available within ECMS. In addition, PennDOT’s Pub. 637 (Engineering and Construction Management System (ECMS) Construction Contractor Manual) will also be updated to reflect this new functionality.